We are honored to take a moment to acknowledge one of our members... Ashley Katzer.


Ashley has taken every opportunity to seek knowledge in nutrition and exercise - she is always asking great questions and making small improvements, daily.


Not only does she come to class regularly - she has been in attendance of nearly every seminar, every workshop, and participated in our Peak Nutrition Services Program. She even spends time doing her own research and confides in us for what she learns. She is quick to apply new changes to her lifestyle, sets high standards and leads by example. She has learned to listen to and understand her body. She is consistent, disciplined and always gives her best - pushing outside her limits in class.


Ashley always brings a positive attitude and sees difficult challenges as an opportunity to conquer and grow from. She has achieved amazing results physically, but has also acquired a new way of thinking throughout her journey. With the confidence and belief she now has in herself... she can accomplish anything! Her energy is contagious and she continues to inspire all those around her.


Ashley, your lifestyle changes that you have worked so hard for will continue to pay off for the rest of your life! Your Summit Fitness Family is very proud of you and we are looking forward to seeing what you will accomplish next!

Our Summit Fitness family could not be more proud of Jon Sparks!


Jon has been training at Summit Fitness with Eric Joiner for about a year and a half and the lifestyle changes he has committed to inside and (more importantly) outside the gym are incredible.


Jon is always a pleasure to be around. He comes to his sessions consistently and with his goals in mind he takes his physical health and well being seriously.


Jon trains privately 3 days per week and continues to participate in all of our Peak Nutrition Services program events. It seems without hesitation, he takes the knowledge that is learned and the advise that he is given and applies these changes to his lifestyle without second guessing.


All of his hard work earned Jon 1st place in our 2015 "Be Your Best You" 90 Day Results Challenge... We could not have been happier to award this guy with $1,000.00 in prizes!


$500 Cash and a $500 Gift Card to Salish Lodge.


Jon continues to prove that you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to. His dedication and determination inspires many. We are looking forward to watching Jon as he continues his path towards a healthy lifestyle! Keep up all the hard work!

The benefits of achieving your health and fitness goals reach far beyond what can physically be seen. Accomplishing your goals builds character, confidence and strengthens who you are from the inside.


The changes we experience along our journey, have a way of impacting the relationships we build and maintain with the people around us and in our lives.


It is a great blessing when our healthy lifestyle habits reach our family members, which is why we are thrilled to recognize Stacy Kelly!


Stacy, Summit Fitness owners younger sister, is a testimony in just how deep accomplishing your fitness goals can really reach. Through attending classes, seminars, exercise workshops, (volunteering) and participating in our Peak Nutrition Services Program, Stacy has developed some tremendous lifestyle changes that she implements in her daily routine.


Like many of our Summit Fitness family, she has found a passion for the outdoors and a love for hiking! All this, while creating priceless memories with her family.


We are grateful to feel first hand, the kind of impact we can bring to hundreds of families in (and around) our community and we look forward with excitement in reaching those far beyond we can imagine!

We are our own greatest obstacle. It is amazing how drastically our lives can be changed when we simply start believing in ourselves. When we stop to think about what it takes to truly change… the answer is that it comes from the inside.

Stacey Bishop walked in our doors in February of 2013 a very different person and today she has become a great testimony and inspiration to everyone around her… and with her story she has empowered many to keep on going and to never give up. 

She has eliminated words of doubt such as “can’t” and “never” from her vocabulary… She has removed any negative / limiting thoughts of what is possible for her to achieve. With her new mindset, Stacey is accomplishing goals such as climbing mountains and running half marathons, all things that were once thought impossible!

Stacey sets a high standard of demonstrating true dedication and discipline. She attends class regularly, participates in nearly every Summit Fitness event, workshop and seminar and has learned and applied proper nutrition through our Peak Nutrition Services program. 

We are beyond proud of your accomplishments, Stacey, and we are privileged to have you in our lives! We are all looking forward to see you achieving many more life goals!

In honor of one our great friend’s anniversary coming up on the 26th of this month (July), Summit Fitness is proud to share and acknowledge all of Kathleen's dedicated and hard work!

After having her first son, Kathleen had a goal in of getting in the best shape of her life for the best day of her life. It is always fun to have someone walk through our doors as disciplined and dedicated as Kathleen was set out to accomplish her goals.

With consistent / hard training outside of her comfort zone and good clean nutrition – Kathleen made achieving her goals her number one priority and there was not a single obstacle thrown her way that she couldn’t tackle.

Through her relentless efforts, she accomplished more than just achieving her goal…. Kathleen, your accomplishments have inspired and continue to inspire the lives of many women around you... Your story is always the first to be shared with others who have the same goal of getting into shape for their weddings. The belief and motivation that you instill in others through your accomplishments is amazing! 

You were an absolutely beautiful bride, but continue to be an even more stunning person on the inside. 

We are grateful to have you and your growing family in our lives and look forward to watching you accomplishing more of your goals!

Happy Anniversary from your family at Summit Fitness!

Summit Fitness is proud to recognize our dear friend Jackie Lopez. Jackie set all excuses aside and made her health a priority. Through exercise and proper nutrition - she has achieved results which will forever inspire all who hear her story.


She has eagerly participated in any extra activity, including our summer group hikes. Her decision to put herself first and her commitment to overcoming whatever obstacle might be thrown her way - will continue to encourage and build the confidence in others in accomplishing their own goals.


We are so proud of you Jackie!

Summit Fitness is fortunate to call such an amazing woman and leader a part of our fitness family. It was a privilege to work with someone as committed as Laci to reaching her goals.

Laci dedicated herself to an active lifestyle, clean eating and joined in on as many extra activities that she could – including weekend hikes and our educational seminars. With her busy schedule as a full-time mas...sage therapist and a gymnastics coach – it was never about “not having time” – but making the time to accomplish her goals!

What started out as a goal, quickly spiraled into a friendship that will be valued forever…As strong as Laci’s drive was to succeed - her compassion for people around her was even stronger.

Through your success, you continue to inspire people whom you have never met!

We continue to be proud of the accomplishments you have made with your fitness and are even more grateful to see you continue to be happy in your marriage and congratulate you with the newest addition to your growing family!

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