Secret to Success

You want to know the big secret to success?

There is no secret.

The journey from who we are to who we want to become is accomplished by consistently being what we want to become each day. The real value of setting goals is not the reward of accomplishing them, but the person we become along the way by finding the discipline, commitment and courage it takes to achieve them.

"They" say success is through a "doorway"... I think it is best described as a mountain side where unseen obstacles will obstruct your path. The only way through is with that of a positive mind. When faced with obstructions we have three options: we can let our circumstances define us, destroy us or strengthen us.

The struggle you are in today is the strength you will need tomorrow. We cannot become who we are truly meant to be without moving forward after a setback in life. Without setbacks, we are never truly driving forward.

Your path will never be perfect. We are all human and if we strive for perfection we will always see failure in our reflection. True success is never achieved without failure - The most successful people are survivors of the greatest failures.

We all have greatness within us - Never give up!

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