Monday Motivation

It's Monday and another wonderful opportunity to continue building a better you. The path of living a healthier lifestyle and achieving physical results is far more mental than it is physical and I wanted to share a few things with you that I believe everyone should focus on each and every morning we wake up.

Fitness is a journey that has no end destination, but rather a lifestyle that we chose to live forever for the rest of our lives.You all have greatness within you - so be the best "you" that you can be and help by serving and inspiring others along the way.


REFLECT IN GRATITUDE: Wake up every morning by counting your blessings and be grateful. Staring your day with gratitude will set your mood for the day and will help you persevere with grace when challenges arise.

LOVE YOURSELF: Smile at yourself in the mirror and compliment yourself. The power of positivity towards yourself will bring confidence and self-awareness to your day. Loving yourself is the best most powerful thing you can do.

DAILY INTENTION: Set daily goals that you want to accomplish and make them top your priority for the day and be proud of yourself for accomplishing them.

LISTEN TO POSITIVE UP-BEAT MUSIC: Increase motivation and energy by listening to up-beat positive music and / or motivational / leadership speeches. The type of music and the words we listen to all have a direct impact of our mood and help shape the type of person we become.

HYDRATE: Our bodies wake up dehydrated, so drink plenty of water first thing in the morning to help your body flush it's self of toxins, increase energy and boost the functions of all your body's systems for the entire day.

DROP AND GIVE ME 20: Get your blood pumping first thing in the morning! A simple few sets of squats, push ups, and sit ups will jump start getting things moving and have you feeling good and awake and ready to tackle your day.

STRETCH: We all wake up feeling a bit stiff. Adding a short full body stretching routine to your morning schedule will have you feeling great for the rest of your day.

WHOLE FOODS BREAKFAST: Fuel your body with a balanced, nutrient dense, whole food breakfast that our bodies crave!

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