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Peak Nutrition Services. 30 Days of Meal Prep. Promotional Video - PHASE 1.

A few weeks ago, we had the launch of our food prep business Peak Nutrition Services.

The level of results everyone has seen over the past 30 days from being prepped with whole foods has been astonishing. We will add testimonies on the next phase of our video ranging from weight loss,

to muscle gain and increased energy. Other common feedback we've been receiving is how much time people are getting back for themselves and the convenience it has created having healthy, affordable, great tasting food choices on the go.

Attached is a sample promotional video that Kristina and I are putting together for both Summit Fitness and Peak Nutrition Services. My wife and I are dedicated to bringing health and wellness education to all of our surrounding communities. With proper food intake being the #1 component in any healthy lifestyle, we are very excited for the opportunity to bring this service to you.

From any goal ranging from fat loss, muscle gain, sports performance or improved health and wellness - it all starts with whole foods - and this is the program for you.

Our next event, will be held on Saturday, June 13th.

Registration to reserve your spot is now open.

Cost per program (including food costs) starts at $299.00 per person and varies slightly by fitness level.

Please contact us for details as our space is limited and already filling up fast.


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